Do the following describe your investing habits?

If the preceding seven investment attitudes describe your investment attitudes or philosophy, then those are the seven reasons why you shouldn’t buy or invest in mobile home parks (MHPs).

For the open-minded investor, although there are many reasons to invest in MHPs, the following reason is the only reason you need to invest in MHPs:

MHPs Thrive In Any Economy But Especially In A Recession

According to a recent article:

​“Mobile home parks were the top-performing real estate class in 2020 as stated by Green Street Data. Mobile home parks had a 12% increase in commercial property value when a majority of other commercial real estate asset classes struggled in 2020.”

While multifamily saw decreased rents and occupancy in 2020, MHPs saw increases – the only segment besides industrial that saw such increases.

Now, here are the top reasons to invest in MHPs:

There are seven reasons you should not invest in MHPs, but there are eight excellent reasons you should.

​​If you’re looking for a shiny investment, look to an asset that shines – even in dark times!