Getting Wealthy By Luck vs. By Intention

History is full of people who have gotten rich by luck. Besides all the lucky individuals who have won the lottery, there’s also a list of individuals who have obtained wealth by sheer dumb luck or by coming up with an idea so dumb people couldn’t resist buying.Check out some of these individuals:Alex Tew. Tew […]

Will Real Estate Crash?

The following questions pop up frequently on the internet and social media, but who exactly is asking these questions besides economists and news outlets? “Will real estate crash?” “Are we in a bubble?” “When will the bubble burst?”​ Some groups would understandably be concerned about a real estate crash. House flippers would be one of […]

Investing For 2022 Now!

The only certainty about the U.S. economy is its uncertainty. Despite what you see in the stock and Bitcoin markets, all is not well. Uncertainty and volatility are all you can bank on in the public markets. The social and economic rebound expected by the rollout and adoption of the COVID vaccines was derailed in July […]

The One Thing Smart Investors Don’t Need

As human beings, we are constantly seeking the validation of our peers. This started as early as our school days where the need for validation and acceptance influenced everything from what we wore to how we styled our hair to the music we listened to and the people we hung out with. We never outgrew […]

Are Your Investments Tax Efficient?

Are your investments tax efficient? What does it mean for an investment to be tax-efficient? It means the degree to which the investment maximizes returns while minimizing taxes. ​​When assessing an investment’s tax efficiency, the two most important factors to consider are tax rate and timing. On the tax efficiency scale, the ideal investment is taxed […]

Have A Scout Mentality When Investing

When investing, do you have a scout or soldier mentality? ​​Your investing mentality can be the difference between success and failure. What do I mean by a scout or soldier mentality? In a recent article on, author Julia Galef made the distinction between the soldier and scout mindset and how it can affect how you see […]

Whose Plan Are You Following?

How many times have you found yourself lost in a rural place with no cell service? Or, you were given instructions on how to reach a particular destination, but the directions seem to have led you astray? Often, the only choice in that situation is to try to get back to where you started. How […]

Common Practices Of The Wealthy

What do you consider wealthy? Is it having a mansion, fancy cars, trendy clothes, a private school education for the kids? ​​Wealth, it turns out, has less to do with your possessions and more to do with your freedom. Wealth is not having to worry about money. It’s the freedom to work because you want […]

Adopt These Habits To Become A Millionaire 

In order to break from the middle-class crowd and reach the levels of millionaires and billionaires, there’s one stereotype you need to dispel from your psyche completely, and that’s the one that says millionaires and billionaires didn’t earn their wealth. For whatever reason, people like to say that the rich either inherited their money or […]

7 Reasons Not To Invest In Mobile Home Parks

Do the following describe your investing habits? If the preceding seven investment attitudes describe your investment attitudes or philosophy, then those are the seven reasons why you shouldn’t buy or invest in mobile home parks (MHPs). For the open-minded investor, although there are many reasons to invest in MHPs, the following reason is the only […]